About Us

It all began, quite simply and like a lot of things these days, with a WhatsApp group.

Some of our friends in the Middle East who have (remarkably) managed to keep in constant touch over the years started adding folks from all over into a bvb99 group..

In the frenzied messaging of the next few days, many of us discovered, among many other things, little parts of ourselves that we’d left behind when we grew out of the navy and sky blue. We also discovered, the remarkable staying power that friendships from that phase of one’s lives have and that we could pick up, as grown ups, both the arguments and the bonding where we’d left just a couple decades ago. As things got more organized, we had many mini reunions and one grand one, where many spouses got to discover where the craziness comes from.

The desire to formalize came organically, after the dust had settled on the catching ups and making ups. Perhaps one of our teachers being hospitalized was a trigger but the plan to register a society was in response to larger, less immediate needs as well. What we are today, we all owe in large part to Bhavans and the hope is that having such a group will enable us to give back in meaningful ways to the society at large.